The year 2017 will witness the biggest smartphone launch of Samsung Galaxy S8 and GalaxyS8 Plus. To make you familiar with each and every point  we are going to talk its release date, features, specs, rumours and various other facts, kindly go through the following. Last year Samsung has launched Galaxy Note 7 and Galaxy S7 flagship with powerful specifications, new Stylus and Iris eye scanner which gives it an extra edge over other device. Now, our expectations from Galaxy S8 series are on high. Let’s see what Samsung have for us in 2017.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus: Release date

Samsung has delayed the Galaxy S8 release by April. Yes, they are not going to launch it at MWC 2017, due to some internal issues. To understand why they have delayed the release let’s have a brief from few past incidents. After the disastrous Note 7 blast incident Samsung is much concerned about its mobile phone’s. Soon after company got to figure out that Note 7 battery is causing such issue they called all the units back. This has shaken the company for few months as Note 7 is one of the best flagship device by Samsung and expected to reach the same number of sales as Galaxy S7 has does. Meanwhile other brands like Google Pixels, Apple iPhone 7, Xiaomi and Oneplus has got the benefit of that but they are still not capable to replace what Galaxy Note 7 has.

The brand is known for building best phones and therefore it won’t be that much surprising if Samsung Galaxy S8 will be any different. The release is still months away but the expectations from the phone have started to come up higher from now. It is quite possible for us to predict about the specifications of the phone but as per the latest rumor, Samsung is expected to launch five flagship devices and is rumoured to get SD835 chip, 4K screen in its handsets.

Moreover, as per the latest news, the latest Galaxy S8 is expected to be revealed out in the month of April 2017. The price slotted for Samsung Galaxy S8 is £500 or higher depending on the handset.

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Samsung Galaxy S8: Full Specifications and Rumours

With the time lapse of development, Samsung Galaxy S8 is likely to have some deadly features such as the edge screen and will it have a 4K display or not all these things will come on the platform after its release. Samsung is working on two big display smartphone. The Galaxy S8 will come with 5.7 inch and Galaxy S8 Plus will have 6.3 inch display size. Both devices will have new Samsung AMOLED display which is expected have no button on the front panel. Moreover, the edge feature of Samsung with 4K display creates an add-on to it.

Galaxy S8 release date

A super-powered Snapdragon 835 processor / Exynos 9

It is also expected that the Galaxy S8 will have the newer processor that with supports native 4K resolution at 60fps and 3D Touch.

The power of the phone:

How powerful the processor will be? Is the next biggest question among the techies. Well, SD835 / Exynos 9 is going to be 64bit 10nm architecture processor with Octa Cores and will offer approx. 2.5 GHz clocks per cycle. They are yet to be announced but it is sure that their releases will be cyclical.

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Super-fast modem:

The best compatibility is that the Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with a built-in Snapdragon 835 and will have upgraded Quick charging, better connectivity and improved battery performance. This modem is built on a 14nm manufacturing process and supports “fibre-like” LTE Cat. It shall be noted from the fact that the Snapdragon X12 modem can support up to 600 Mbps of download speed while upcoming Snapdragon chip can have a download speed of up to 1Gbps. And that’s a hell of a speed.

The most impressive camera’s of all times:

Samsung has always come up with some new things in terms of camera technology and therefore with the release of S8, speculations are higher that the new camera will do wonders with it. Earlier, the S6 came up with the 16 MP camera but the S7 was launched with a 12-megapixel camera. Despite being low on the no. of pixels, the camera did wonder. All this has happened due to ‘Dual Pixel’ technology that was built into the camera. The greatest of all is that the increased pixel count is for faster focus.

IRIS Eye Scanner: Definitely Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Edge will have iris eye scanner as Samsung has innovated and mastered this features with Galaxy Note7 flagship.

Waterproof and Scratch Proof 

The S7 came up with a waterproof chassis and it was the best among its features, and we think that upcoming Galaxy S8 and S8 will also have same IP68 standard water and dust resistance capabilities.

The IP accounts for ‘Ingress Protection’, and this is the measuring system that tells how much the device is good in terms of being waterproof or dust proof. The number is written as IP followed by two numbers. Here the metric scale are as 0-6 for dust resistance and 0-8 for water resistance. This means that IP68 standard is the best rating that any device can have and Galaxy S8 is going to be one of them. For example, say if the phone is IP68-certified then it can be submerged in water till the depth of 1.5 meters or 30 minutes and still the device will work perfectly . But if the device is IP67-certified then the depth rate reduces to only 1 meter.

OS: WILL IT HAVE Android N / Android O?

The new Smartphone is expected to reach the market before the release of android O, therefore, it can be expected that to come up with android N (v7.0 Naught) on board. With the release, it is expected that the biggest possibility would be to use the apps in a split-screen mode. Also, many others new perk such as flatter ‘material design’ aesthetic, notifications tracking and battery life improvements are also predicted.

Samsung GALAXY S8 / S8 Plus PRICE

The best that can be expected for the GalaxyS8 price, taking out the possibilities of price from its parental versions, it can only be suggested that the price is only expected to reach not more than £500 (approx. $720 USD for S8), while Galaxy S8 Plus can have a bit higher price of around£570 (approx. $820 USD). The price range of the privies version is as follows-

• Galaxy S7 – £480

• Galaxy S7 Edge – £550

We will update you with more accurate price as soon as possible.

The edge-variant is expected to shoot up with the prices as which will see at least 5 to 10 percent rise in the prices. The basic model of S8 is expected to go until the price range of S7 and S6. However, the final price range of the Samsung galaxy S8 will only be revealed only after its release. Till then we can keep our fingers crossed.

Is it worth waiting for the New Galaxy phone or not?

The release is still pending till the last year and therefore, it is best to wait till the time comes for the eggs to hatch. Till the release of the phone, many rumour and speculations will rule the market regarding the specifications and other technical possibilities. We are going to bring every single update and news on Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, so bookmark us and keep visiting us on weekly basis. Also feel free to share you thoughts by commenting below and before leaving make sure to like us using below social buttons.